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How to Keep Your HVAC Customers Happy

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Before you start your professional career, you need to understand how to keep your HVAC clients happy. While expert-level knowledge is essential for every HVAC technician, the ability to serve your customers is also important. Take a look at the top tips for keeping clients happy, building trust, and scoring repeat customers.
Know Your Stuff
Again, knowledge is an absolute for any HVAC technician, as it gives you the ability to correctly evaluate problems and make repairs. In addition, preparation, education, and trade training give you a level of credibility that breeds comfort in customers.
You wouldn't go back to a doctor who had no clue how to diagnose an illness. The same goes for an HVAC technician who can't pinpoint the heating or air conditioning system’s problem. Before you start your career, make sure to:
  • Choose the right school. A quality training program makes all the difference. Talk to the instructors, ask about student job rate success, and make sure that you feel comfortable with the curriculum.
  • Devote time to your training. Even a highly recommended school can fail you if you don't put in the time and effort. Prioritize your HVAC education, including classroom and hands-on components.
  • Take advantage of training. There's no substitute for practical experience. The more hands-on training you get, the better equipped you are for your first professional job.
Pad your prep with help from a mentor. An instructor or other seasoned HVAC professional can guide you in the beginning of your career, helping you to build a knowledge base and develop your expertise.
Communicate Well
The knowledge your training provides is beyond valuable when it comes to working with HVAC equipment. But if you can't communicate effectively with your clients, they might doubt your expertise. When speaking to your customers, make sure to:
  • Avoid jargon. Think back to your first HVAC class. You likely didn't know the technical terms or understand the industry jargon. Your customers likely don’t either. Use plain English that they can easily understand.
  • Communicate politely. Please, thank you, and you're welcome go a long way. Your customers will appreciate these common courtesies. A high level of politeness may make the difference between a repeat customer and one who won't call you again.
  • Answer questions. Chances are your customer will have questions — either about the problem or about the repair. Fully answer the questions (again, without the use of jargon) to their satisfaction.
Be responsive. Quick communication is a plus to most customers.
As each job progresses, walk your client through the work verbally. While you don't have to detail every step, providing updates or a general timeframe can make the customer feel more comfortable.
Always Act Honestly
Professionalism includes more than knowing how to repair, replace, or install an HVAC system. Honesty and integrity are necessary for a skilled tradesperson. Professional HVAC technicians should:
  • Provide honest, upfront pricing. Different HVAC companies have different pricing structures. Use the structure provided to you and never inflate or add on to costs.
  • Provide full repair information. What does the repair include? Explain the details to your customers, making sure that they know what the costs include.
  • Provide a full evaluation. If you notice problems in the system outside of what the customer complaint includes, let them know immediately. Untreated issues can lead to larger, and more costly, problems later on.
An environment of honesty creates a sense of comfort and security. The more comfortable your customer feels, the more likely they are to want your services again or recommend you and your company to friends and family.
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